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“All Vanguard students are expected to work toward becoming giving leaders… and it starts in every classroom.”


What do we do differently as a Type 3 Alternate Program (Tier 4 and 5)*?

*This is a “draft” statement for our specialized staff to further focus on intervention areas… we published it for the purpose of collaboration and feedback from our community.  As we are aspiring to get better everyday, please let our staff know if the below descriptions need clarification or further development.


Tier 4* Interventions:


Restorative Academic Teachers

  • differentiated large group instruction with trauma sensitivity/awareness
  • differentiated small group restorative education and restoring the educational self-identity
  • A.P. (General Alternative Programming – learning gaps) focused small group instruction in collaboration with resource team
  • individualized “real-time” formative learning assessments and feedback
  • weekly previews and debrief with designated Resource Specialists around adaptations/modifications
  • regular participation in School Based Team
  • is primary communication contact with class roster families (Parent/Guardian) when child is at risk of failure or in need of additional academic supports


Literacy Restoration Special Education Assistants

  • support the student’s education goals connected to their Individual Education Plan, G.A.P. and executive function interventions with trauma sensitivity/awareness
  • connections with students developed through collaboration of Resource Team
  • Collaborate with staff and implement strategic intervention based on student need.


Tier 5* Intervention

Therapeutic Extensions – Block 3

This block is intended to rebuild the trust students have lost in adults

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