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Besides our links below, don’t forget to take advantage of our Career Advisor Christy deBulnes… she is here every Thursday.  To best use your time with her, please talk with your case manager prior to booking an appointment.

Its generally a good idea to start doing some person research into post-secondary, in-demand careers and how they match up with your personal skills and interests.  Make sure you explore the sites below that can help you narrow your search.

Please check our the career links below:

myBlueprint – The easiest way to plan your education and career.

WorkBC – A fantastic resource to employment services.

Trades Program Finder

Career In Trades

Trades Training BC




1)     Be a volunteer.

  • This is one of the best ways to start building skills and good work habits.
  • Treat your volunteering with the same priority as paid employment.
  • Quite often, your volunteer work leads to future employment.


2)    Do every job and task to the BEST of your ability.

  • No matter how small or unimportant your task may seem – that task is important to your employer.
  • Adopt an attitude that everything you do is important – promotions go to people who work hard and get things done.


3)     Be reliable.

  • Check your schedule on a regular basis. When in doubt, contact your employer and ask.
  • Prioritize work over play – calling in sick because you stayed out too late the night before is NOT a valid reason.
  • Strive for 100% attendance.


4)    Attributes are more important than skills, so develop them.

  • Attributes are personality characteristics that are often closely linked to your attitude. Take initiative, be positive and be a good team player.
  • Employers can teach a skill; they can’t train someone a personality characteristic.
  • Develop the right attributes before you start looking for work…much easier to find and keep a job.


5)    Build your references by creating a great reputation.

  • By following the above suggestions you will be building a good reputation.
  • A positive reputation speaks volumes; a bad reputation is hard to overcome.
  • Develop a reputation that every job you leave, your employer would be willing to hire you back if there is an opportunity to do so.



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