District Code of Conduct & Dress Guidelines

We believe…… that “everyone” at Vanguard Secondary has the same responsibilities to conduct themselves in ways that support diversity and universal safety. Our students and staff are made aware of our social responsibilities and moral obligations to be accepting of everyone.

Students come to Vanguard to get away from drama and stress… our school is designed as a trauma sensitive environment that is meant to do just that.

We are a community of learners that everyday strive to be “free from the drama and stressors” that have become barriers for some of our students.  Our ultimate goal is to be a different learning experience and to be socially innovative… thus, Vanguards.

Everyone Has a Duty to Report Often when we hear in the media about a violent incident, we learn that the threat-maker had made threats in advance of acting violently. To keep our school communities safe, students, parents, staff and community members must report all threat-related behaviours and high-risk activities.

District Code of Conduct and Dress Guidelines


Policy 7200 (Student Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy)

The Board of Education recognizes that the School District is committed to providing an educational environment that is safe, welcoming, respectful and affirming for all students, families and staff.  The Board recognizes and values diversity within the community and all schools foster and promote inclusive and accepting cultures throughout the District.


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