January 2022 – Notice to Parents/Guardians – Updated Covid Protocols

Posted: January 11, 2022

Vanguard Parents/Guardians,


We are excited to have your students back after a 3-week winter break to in-person learning at Vanguard. As you know, with the Omicron variant and new Provincial Health orders, the Langley School District has given the directive to be more vigilant with our site-specific Covid Protocols here at Vanguard. With that in mind, please see below for a refresher and any updates we have implemented during this next phase of the pandemic.


These protocols have been put into place to ensure student and staff safety:

  • Personal Health Checks, Masks, & Student Sanitization
    • Daily Heath Check should be completed by parent/guardians at home prior to student arriving on campus.
    • Students entering campus will be required to sanitize/wash their hands upon entry.
    • The Provincial Order requires all students, staff, and visitors to wear a mask indoors at school. Schools will work with those with mask exemptions.
      • Please ensure you provide a mask for your student.
      • Masks are available for those who have forgotten theirs.
    • Site Specific Protocols
      • Bathrooms are limited to one person at a time.
      • Learning environments have been rearranged so that students are not to be sitting directly across from each.
      • Students will be expected to sanitize hands when they enter a class upon first entry and coming back from breaks.
      • Fans and air-conditioning units in classrooms or offices must be pointing downwards, thus avoiding a cross breeze where multipole people are affected.
      • Visitors to the school are limited to those essential for educational purposes.
    • Cafeteria/Lunch:
      • Two students will be permitted at each table in the cafeteria. An additional classroom will be open and available for Senior students to eat indoors.
      • For the remainder of Q2, Juniors will have their lunches delivered to the Heritage Building and will be staying there for lunch.
    • Cleaning and Disinfecting
      • Frequently touched surfaces (those touched by larger numbers of people) are to be cleaned and disinfected at least 1x/day. Surfaces touched by fewer people are to be cleaned 1x/day.
      • In addition to the daily sanitization procedures already in place, classrooms, weight room, and equipment (keyboards, mice, basketballs, hockey sticks, etc) will be sanitized between uses.

Should you have any questions or comments about the above, or the safety of your students here at Vanguard, please feel free to contact our Vice Principal, Chandra Balakrishnan at cbalakrishnan@sd35.bc.ca.

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