Posted: June 24, 2021

Information for the June 24th Graduation Ceremony.

VANGUARD GRADUATION 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 CEREMONY

Graduation Speeches Link

Convocation Ceremony Process:

  1. Proceed to Church in the Valley and park in designated parking lane (e.g. Slot A = Parking Lane A, Slot B = Parking Lane B, etc…)
  2. Park and wait for Vanguard Staff Parent/Guest Escorts and Vanguard Staff Student Escorts to arrive at your vehicle to escort all participants into the building during their designated time Slot. While waiting, please enjoy the O’Canada and Graduation speeches by signing into the QR code below.
  3. Grads will be escorted into Change Area.
  4. Parents/Guests will be escorted into Theatre’s first three rows.
  5. Each Grad’s name will be individually announced and proceed across the stage individually. Although we are video recording the entire ceremony for all of you, we highly encourage parents to freely take pictures and capture any moments necessary – please don’t be shy, this is your moment too!
  6. After crossing the stage where they will be receiving diplomas, any scholarships and having the final Graduation Tassel Flip (official cap graduation moment), Grads will be asked to pause for final pictures.
  7. Once final pictures are taken, the student will walk off stage and join their families in the aisle to walk together out of the Theatre and into the foyer. Students will be asked to return their Grad Gowns to original change room – but please keep the hat and tassel for a souvenir.
  8. Students and their Families/Guests will get back into their vehicles and drive away vacating the lane for the next Graduation Group.  Please exit Fraser Hwy Entrance/Exit.
  9. Off for your own private celebrations.



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