School Plan/Vision

Our Vision…

We are creating a vision that combines the most up-to-date education and therapeutic practices with neuroscience and bio-psycho-social systems theory. We believe each youth and family is unique, but our need to safely belong is not. Within the context of a trauma-sensitive environment, our school is developing a culture that is free from drama and unneeded stressors, while challenging personal growth and leadership.

Our V logo has three wings, each wing represents the three core parts of our culture: safety, adaptation and leadership. Our culture is intended to create SAFETY, to teach youth to be ADAPTIVE and resilient, and to help all youth reach their full potential by becoming healthy, contributing members of society with developed LEADERSHIP skills.




AIM Youth Version Picture

“We teach youth how to steer their nervous system toward resting, self-care and giving leadership.”


AIM Model


“Our youth and staff work together to recognize our impact upon each other, and our nervous systems. We see this critical to ensure that we are working on creating a place that will inspire all learning to create their positive legacy for the future.”


Vanguard Secondary School

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