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Please participate in our Connect-Parent Program…

This program integrates research on parenting effectiveness, adolescent development, and attachment theory, as well as feedback from the many parents who have attended Connect.

Connect-Parent Program takes a different approach than most other parent groups. Rather than teaching specific strategies to manage behaviour, Connect focuses on considering the youth’s and parents’ needs from an attachment perspective; recognizing and managing feelings and reactions; and responding in ways that clearly sets limits and expectations, while at the same time maintaining and even strengthening their relationship with their teen.

Connect is a 10-week program where parents and caregivers meet together in small groups with two trained leaders for one and a half hours each week. Each session begins with an attachment principle that offers a new perspective on parent-teen relationships, development, and challenging interactions. Parents learn, for example, that conflict is a part of all relationships and typically intensifies in times of change, as often occurs during adolescence. However, when safely managed and expressed, conflict offers opportunities for growth, understanding, and connection. Participants watch short roleplays illustrating the principle and work through a variety of discussion exercises to prompt new understandings of difficult situations, as well as choices for responding. Parents learn skills to negotiate conflict while still maintaining their relationship with their teen. Throughout the sessions, parents are also encouraged to reflect upon their own experiences – when they were teens – as well as their present circumstances. Parents receive weekly handouts summarizing the key points for each session.

Parents and caregivers who have participated in the Connect Parent Group report that they have felt respected and supported. Results of our ongoing evaluation indicates that parents feel less stressed and more effective and satisfied in their parenting; and that they see fewer behaviour problems and better social functioning in their teen.

Connect Parent Group is available at different points within our school year…please contact Mindy Guthrie (Transitions Counsellor) or Angie Macinnes (District Resource Teacher) at the school to take part.  You do not have to have a child enrolled at Vanguard to be part of our program.  We do place parents who have students within the Langley School District first.


Student Insurance Plan

We recommend al student get insurance to cover potential injuries. For student insurance visit the ‘Student Safety’ subpages of our school district website or visit the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance website.



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