Intervention Model and Goals (Exit Criteria)

What are Vanguard’s priorities?


VANGUARD THERAPEUTIC GOALS and EXIT CRITERIA (Pre-Transition Goals and Exiting Goals)


GOAL/CRITERIA #1: Develop a safe(r) identity and demonstrate a commitment to improving personal health and well-being.


GOAL/CRITERIA #2: Develop core competency skills and demonstrate functional (healthy) adaptation skills.


GOAL/CRITERIA #3: Develop trusting adult relationships and demonstrate community participation and personal leadership.


Primary Assessment Team:  School Administrator, School Counsellor, Therapeutic Team Leader, Outreach and Transitions Team Leader and Project Resiliency Clinicians.


Therapeutic Team Programming:

Trauma Sensitive Trained Staff Culture

Primary Support Worker life space (personalized) interviewing and interventions.

Aboriginal Support Worker cultural enhancement and generational trauma reconciliation.

Restorative Resource Teachers and Classroom Services Teachers creating safe learning integration and Competency Based Individual Education Plan creation and support.

Therapeutic Intervention Clinicians providing therapeutic assessment, case management, therapeutic service delivery and community resources.





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